[Royalty] World Builder / Level Designer for medieval tactical RPG (UE4)

In search of an experienced level designer and world builder for Proelium Tactics. Must have experience with UE4. Candidates without a portfolio will not be considered (little experience with level design is ok. This is primarily for world building/set-dressing). This is not an environment artist position. No or minimum amount of assets will need to be made, but environment artists are welcome to apply. Your tasks will be designing levels that are conducive to a tactical RPG similar to Fire Emblem and then populate the level in UE4 with already made assets. There will also be non-gameplay related scenes needed to be made as well (such as encampments or store fronts, etc.).

Royalties depending on experience and contribution level. Would prefer candidates to be able to work at least 10 hours a week. This is a serious project that has been heavily invested into but world builders are on the lower side of priority at the moment. Potential for fully paid work later depending on the amount of contribution and quality brought towards the game.

Rough gameplay

-Experience with World Machine
-An understanding of blueprints, materials, physical materials and other elements of UE4
-An excellent eye for lighting and atmospheric details

Please send portfolio to [email protected] with an email title of: Royalty World Builder
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