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so i am trying to build a shader which can assign 4 materials via vertexpaint and blend them via heightmap
i have a working version of it (forgot to send it home,guess i will have to post it tomorrow) but i run into problems in the extremes, say heightmaps which are very flat or super rough
and i haven't figured out how to control both of these cases with one variable

does anyone has a good solution for this kind of shader ?


  • RyanB
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    RyanB Polycount Sponsor
    First guess is your shader is using 8-bit values for each vertex colour channel and then that 8-bit value is being used in the shader creating only 256 levels of height.  If it's something like that, you would need to convert your 8-bit to 16-bit and do some kind of smoothing/lerp/whatever between values.
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