Walk Cycle - Lu the Tiger

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Hey guys,

I am currently practicing walk cycles and I would be grateful to get some notes on the areas I should improve upon. 


(I'm sorry these are so big, I don't know how to resize them)


  • Noren
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    Noren polycounter lvl 14
    Depends on what you are going for. Should he walk like a Tiger or like some bulky dude?
    The feet look quite stiff, like he's wearing boots, almost mechanical. People tend to automatically walk more on the balls of their feet when barefoot. Tigers probably all the more. ;)
    Hips look a bit stiff as well. Tail could start moving further up, but that might just be the sideview. Front seems to look fine.
    I like the armswing, but I'd probably try a reduced version with leading shoulders to emphasize the tigery nature. Might look stupid, though, who knows.

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