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Retrogasm 2019 - Digimon World

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Newest Update:

Hi everyone!

I realised I hadn't been posting my updates to my Retrogasm entry here, so I will make a thread to post my progress. I am creating the main character from the PS1 game, Digimon World. Brilliant game that 100% needs remaking! You can see how the original character looked in the images below.

I initially began with a concept piece, but I didn't stick to it as I received feedback saying that people preferred to see the anatomy from the original Digimon TV show.

Concept Art

Original Anatomy

After changing up the anatomy, I too preferred the new proportions:

New proportions based on the Digimon TV show

Nano nano nano nano
Nano nano nano nano

Here is my sculpt so far in it's current stage. I have a couple more things to add to it, and then I am done with the sculpt. Most of the detail will be done in Substance Painter later on, so I am leaving the sculpt quite clean.

WIP Sculpt

Below is my mood board with my full scene idea, although a lot has changed since I made this (like the clothing style for example). Sure hope I have time to do it all!

Alrighty, that's about it for updates for now.  I will be away for a week next week, and I will resume with the model after that.


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