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Only 2 Weeks Left to Register for CG Master Academy

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The Summer 2019 registration period for CGMA is coming to an end in just 2 weeks. CGMA has been providing accessible and affordable online arts education for almost a decade. Master artists in the Art, Games, and VFX industries have been recruited by the academy to lead their 6 – 10 week courses. These artists are also involved in the curriculum development of each course to ensure the material is relevant and speaks to industry demands.


This is the last week split payment plans are available, as courses are starting soon. Students enrolled in the following courses will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one feedback and guidance from the industry’s best. Contact their Admissions department to discuss registration or for portfolio review requests – either via email at registration@cgmasteracademy.com or by phone (800) - 959 – 0316.





Advanced Substance for Environment Art with Ben Keeling – Seats Available!

Character Creation for Games with Patrick Yeung – 5 Seats Available!

Hard Surface Modeling for Characters with Ben Erdt – 6 Seats Available!

Character Texturing for Games in Substance with Saurabh Jethani – 4 Seats Available!

Character Facial Sculpting with Laura Gallagher – 5 Seats Available!

Grooming for VFX with Jordan Soler – Seats Available!

Next Gen Character Creation Mentorship with Adam Skutt – 2 Seats Available!




Sculpting Anatomy: From Animal to Creature with Gael Kerchanbaum – 6 Seats Available!

Hair Creation for Games with John Lithvall – Seats Available!

Anatomy for Production with Christian Bull – Seats Available!

Texturing and Surfacing for Films/Cinematics with Chris Nichols – Seats Available!

Character Creation for Films/Cinematics with Pete Zoppi – Seats Available!

Intro to Maya with David Mooy – 6 Seats Available!




ZBrush for Concept and Iteration with Michael Pavlovich  Seats Available!

The Art of Lighting for Games with Omar Gatica – 5 Seats Available!

Organic World Building in UE4 with Anthony Vaccaro – Seats Available!

Vegetation and Plants for Games with Jeremy Huxley – 3 Seats Available!

Intro to Substance for Environments with Ben Keeling – Seats Available!

Intro to Environment Art with Peyton Varney – Seats Available!

UE4 Modular Environments with Clinton Crumpler – 2 Seats Available!

Texturing and Shading for Games with Angel Fernandes – Seats Available!

Hard Surface Modeling for Films with Jay Machado – Seats Available!

Stylized 3D Asset Creation for Games with Kevin Griffith – Seats Available!

Introduction to Production Modeling A with David Mooy – 6 Seats Available!




Abstract Effects in Houdini with Varomix Wey – Seats Available!

Organic Design in Houdini with Sebastien Marsais – Seats Available!

Introduction to FX Using Houdini with Timothy Stam – Seats Available!

Mastering Destruction in Houdini with Keith Kamholz – Seats Available!

FX for Games with Fabio Silva – 5 Seats Available!

VEX in Houdini with Johannes Richter – 5 Seats Available!




Rigging for Games with Perry Leijten – FULL!

Level Design for Games with Patrick Haslow 5 Seats Available!

Weapons and Props for Games with Dylan Mellot – 3 Seats Available!

Intro to Unity  with Len White – Seats Available! 

Previs for Film Production with Bevin Carnes – Seats Available!

Body Mechanics with Kyle Kentworthy – Seats Available!

Motion Graphics with TBA – Seats Available!

Intro to Rigging with Fabio Siino – Seats Available!

Stylized Characters in 3D with Hannah Kang – Seats Available!

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