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Looking for 3D Character Modeler for Main SciFi-HighFantasy Hybrid

Hello You,

We are looking for a 3D character artist that is at least of Intermediate skill to construct a Main Character 3D character model  from our concepts, to be rigged and unwrapped for UDK4. A model which will have specifications of what we need for the game.

NO textures required or animations required.

There are two ways of compensation : 
Either upfront lesser commissioned piece,
or a final product cut.

 Everything is negotiate 

If your interested in the project or game in general, please send me a message. 

(Intermediate Artists Welcomed)

Don't want an artist who isn't thrilled about what they are making, so here is some example concept of what we are looking for:
Transhumand30a3f822b43bb33606f3c83e0a7aa00ArtStation - shenandoah phoenix x dmcs  robo ninja Ahmet Atl Akar

Fantasy - fantasy robot
energy sword mercenary

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