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Made A stylized energy crystal smart material that got popular on instagram. What do you think?

polycounter lvl 3
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Thomas_Smith polycounter lvl 3

Fully procedural and highly-customizable. I made a tutorial along with a bundle here: https://gumroad.com/l/gemTut

I'm looking to improve it so I'd love to see what you guys think. 


  • Eric Chadwick
    Show more pics, sell us on it! 

    Best way to get responses is to embed your work here on Polycount. Don't make us click a link to see your stuff, that stops lots of people right away, it's a gate.

    We're on a site where art is embedded all the time. It's the expectation. We've clicked on your thread, expecting to see your artwork, but now we have to click another link.

    Show us the variability?
  • Thomas_Smith
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    Thomas_Smith polycounter lvl 3
    @Eric Chadwick - thanks for the advice! I'm still pretty new to this platform. 
    Here are some more renders form myself & people who've bought it
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