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[paid] cinematics artist / level designer needed for creating in game cinematics

We are a team of 12 video game developers (ex-Riot Games, Crytek, EA) working on a prototype demo for a single player sci-fi game. This contract is for developing in-game cinematics using Unreal Engine 4 that support key narrative beats that we already have planned out. Must be experienced with UE4 Blueprint scripting, UE4 Sequencer Editor and best practices for camera movements/cuts/cycles for video game cinematics.

Required Experience:
- Experience creating polished in-game cinematics using Unreal Engine 4
- Deeply creative with a great sense of what makes a cinematic immersive and effective
- Fundamentals of level design, points of interest, etc
- Experience on Single-Player titles preferred 
- Comfortable with both conceptual and practical aspects of game design
- Experienced with 3D world and level building tools
- Experience with Perforce version control

To be a strong fit for the project, you will need:
- Keen sense of performance limitations (optimization, streaming, LODs, etc)
- Ability to quickly come up to speed on the project
- Passion and interest in narrative driven single player games
- Iterate based on feedback from development team

We will need you to sign and NDA and you won't be able to show this work until the game is released.

If you are interested, submit your video reel of previous cinematics along with other relevant industry credentials (resume, LinkedIn profile, game credits, etc) to explore@ganymede.games

We look forward to hearing from you!
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