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[Paid] Need someone to model realistic hair for a game

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Hello everyone!
I work on the game Kalyskah, it's an indie action RPG with erotic elements that we are making in Unreal Engine.

As you can tell by the pictures, our main character is in need of improvements!

We need someone that can model alpha blended hair, male or female, for the characters of our game.

Another thing that we need is someone that could reshape the face of our main character in a way that we don't lose the topology, but we can get a normal, albedo and glossiness map out of the high-res mesh. It doesn't have to look exactly like Amy Saville, the voice actress (Actually, she asked us to take some freedom on the likeness), but it can be very similar:

We are making an RPG, which means that we can make many and many other characters together =)
Feel free to send me a message to discuss the details or look for our team on our discord server in case we are taking too long to answer here. My discord is Corintio#6761, so you can also send me DM or an email on [email protected]

Thank you very much!
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