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Modelling & Texturing a Shoe For Product Render

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Deqa polycounter lvl 8
Assuming one doesn't have access to scan technology, how do people model assets like these at such a high level? Separate shapes for the bottom plastic parts of the shoe, subdivided, separate part for the main shell of the shoe & its flap, as well as separate cylinder-like shapes to make the laces? Booleans to make holes for the laces in the main shell? Careful placement of zBrush / Substance Painter alphas in the final stages to create that 'fabric look' on the main shell?

Any guidance from you guys would be appreciated. I already have a good-enough understanding of topology, I think. I just can't wrap my head around some of the concepts regarding the problems in modelling a really high-fidelity, no-mistakes asset like this, where it actually LOOKS like the product and isn't necessarily optimized for games, but a 4K environment.


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