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Sculpting progress story

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Vangre polycounter lvl 10
Hi all ! 
I decided to make this thread because yesterday I sculped for the first time in years and I really enjoyed doing so.
So why not sculpting more frequently and learning at the same time? 
In this thread I'll upload all my sculpts and add what aspect I'm trying to focus on.
I hope you like it!

This first one below is a quick sculpt I made out of imagination, to test the Sculptris software & this was also a great way
of getting to know how the drawing tablet works again. 



  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J grand marshal polycounter
    Looks good. I've seen some artist who do untextured sculpts like this sculpt in the iris and pupil. One of those freebie models in zbrush lightbox has an example of that. Gives the characters more personality.
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