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[Query] Looking for some general estimates

I've seen posts on forums talking about estimated prices for commissions on humanoid models and animalistic models, but I haven't seen anything about mechs in particular. Are fully rigged and textured mechs on average more expensive to commission than rigged and textured humanoid models because of the complexity of them? And whether or not they are more expensive, what would be a ballpark estimate for a fully rigged and textured mech (without animations)? I would like to know about how much money I should save away for a commission of the Death Saurer. If this is not the forum to be posting this query on, please let me know. I read through the guidelines of the Freelance forum and I don't think it was clear on whether or not queries like this belong here. 


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    More complexity of work work cost more. So the rates you found for a humanoid would not be the same for the mecha your describing. As for rigging it depends on the needs but should be the same unless you need some specialties. 
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