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Kostroma V7-2 (UE4 Sci-fi Environment)

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mag7spy polycounter lvl 5

Sci-fi scene I developed and rendered within Unreal Engine. Had a lot of fun with this project concepting it out and the props and developing it out over the past few months a few days or one a week. Everything within the scene is developed by me, and the use of sequencer for animated aspects in my scene and Niagara for particle effects. For more on the break down I have past projects that show wip, until I put together a scene showing my modular design and textures in a single showcase.


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis insane polycounter
    Hey man, it looks really cool! Your sparks (below) look a bit odd in the still images.

    Also, the room that is mostly red with the door in the back, I think you should adjust the texturing on the door. Its currently looking like the grunge (if that's what the markings are) are too uniform, and it would look great if the grunge was more focused near the bottom of the door. I'd also change up the lighting at this spot as well because the floor is super saturated with light and the entire room is washed out with the red light.
  • mag7spy
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    mag7spy polycounter lvl 5
    Sorry for late reply, light on the door isn't perfectly mainly because my computer can only handle so much. Looks proper within the video though. There is blood grudge on the door and the bottom including streak strains under it. It is mean't to be something that is moving so I choose to go with a bit more of a saturated red, though like i mentioned before it looks a lot better in the video (limited money for pc and all and working for semi free doesn't help lmao).I should have worked a bit more on the sparks, a second pair of eyes would have been great. Its super hard to get feedback from people though and don't get it until its usually finished x.x. Thanks for the comments though I do apperciate it a lot.
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