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Command & Conquer Renegade X mutated Raveshaw

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Neoferd polycounter lvl 3
Work that I did for Totem Arts!

Original model:

My version:


  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    I somewhat lke the interpretation of this in some elements.  The extremely thin waist lends some uneasiness to the silhouette overall.  The heft of this guy comes through.

    There's a lot of elements that do NOT jive well with the deformation, and mechanical objects that do not really make sense with human anatomy.  Your deltoid metal plate just has the collarbone element directly fuse into the block, so there's no real explanation for why it would deform like a regular shoulder.  The knee cap reads as a solid slab of metal, but yet it bends like a soft object?  Id encourage you to go back to the sculpt and make the mechanics of the deformation make more sense.
  • Neoferd
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    Neoferd polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks Brian for the very constructive comments! I'll have them in mind for the next project. The plate on the knees can be fixed in the rig, but the shoulder part would need too much rework to be done on an already concluded project, but i do agree with everything you've said!
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