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Looking for a passionate 3D animator/rigger

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We are currently a team of 5 developers working on a new action-adventure video game.

The development has just begun although high level design,

a detailed narrative and world-building have been in production for several months now.

  • The project's end goal is to publish (with a publisher) and sell on various stores.

If we succeed in doing this, you would be granted a certain revenue percentage on every game sale.

  • We are using Unity

  • We are looking to create a community and a strong social media presence , so being comfortable with that is a plus

  • As for commitment, we're only looking for around 10-15 hours a week and weekly discord meetings

  • *This is not a paid position*

Message me on discord (Matthew Barry#0812) or send me an email (barrystudios4@gmail.com) if you are interested and would like to hear the full game pitch and more about the team.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

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