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[Weapon] TAC Elite Crossbow

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OrangeBlueHue polycounter lvl 3
Hey guys, looking for critique on the look of the crossbow and the render images before I finalize things. Any and all critiques are welcome.


  • OscarEsteban5
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    OscarEsteban5 polycounter lvl 4

    First of all I need to say that your crossbow looks awesome, and I am not an expert on this field.

    My only critique is that the bow on the tip of the gun looks a little bit narrow for me (maybe the narrow bow is a design decision), I mean, I am used to see Daryl crossbow in The Walking Dead show (Figure 1) and I think making the bow wider could highlight it and balance the weapon stock and the cannon side.

    Figure 1: Dary Crossbow

    Anyway the crossbow looks perfectly modeled and textured.

    Good job!
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