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  • Expertise in environment modeling and texturing, ranging from hard surfaces and architecture to organic foliage 

  • Proficient with standard industry tools like 3ds Max and Maya, Z-Brush, and Substance Designer/Painter, with a desire to support and have input into the creation of new systems and tools to help future production 

  • Experience in hand painted textures with the ability to work around technical challenges 

  • Expert level ability to create game resolution assets from high-poly sculpts 



  • Responsible for developing and ultimately personally creating quality benchmark assets that are in style and within specifications for the game 

  • Interpret concept designs while taking into account technical and design constraints such as draw calls, poly counts, texture memory limits, and gameplay boundaries 

  • Beyond aesthetic skills and knowledge, be aware of current and cutting edge technology for 3d art production trends and processes, tools and techniques: 3D modeling, textures, materials/shaders, lighting, etc. 

  • Work with other art disciplines and other departments to help develop systems and tools to establish technical and aesthetic guidelines for game art assets 

  • Ensure that all assets created internally by your team and by outsource resources are consistent with the style and technical guidelines of benchmark assets and all assets are performant 

  • Support the Art Director/Management with documentation, planning, scheduling, internal/ external assignment preparation, and critiques as required 



  • This position is located onsite in our offices in Portsmouth, New Hampshire 

  • You must present proof that you are legally authorized to work in the United States  


To Apply: 

  • Please send a resume, brief cover letter, and link with your online portfolio to: [email protected] 

  • As a part of the application process, we require a portfolio with hand-painted environments and assets.  Additionally, you may be asked to complete an art test. 

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