Maya 2018/19: Target Weld Tool inconsistency with border vertices

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Dawsky polycounter lvl 5
I noticed inconsistent behaviour with border vertices using the target weld tool (TWT).

To be more specific.
When using the TWT, vertices get highlighted when you hover the cursor over it, indicating you can weld that vertex to another.
Yet most of the time border vertices wont get highlighted, so merging these vertices is not working, as they wont be selected / affected by the TWT. Also, in these cases, it wont let you snap to non-border vertex to the border vertex..

There are times though, when i'm able to merge border vertices just fine using the TWT.

So there is an inconsistency, i just can't figure out what is causing the inconsistency.
Why does it work at times, and then again it's not?
What criteria needs to be met in order for it to work / not work?

Any Ideas?


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