Daz export/Paint in Mari/ Render Back in iray/ Test Ue4, Maya and Blender

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Hi there, When I searched Character oriented softwares I come to know about two : Daz and iclone. After spending hours to check market places, I picked up Daz over iclone and CC. The main reason was it has wonderful marketplace. Soon after I got into this software I bought  many beautiful figures
Now I have several objectives to do
1) Create fantasy and realistic goddess skin textures (Glowing tattoos, glowing eyes skin mild greenish hair which also has glow etc)  for a figure in Mari
2)Render that in iray ie I must able to import textures back to model
3) export model in a stander high res and texture into UE4 and test how nice it looks in real time
4) export model in Maya and Blender to test render quality in Arnold and Luxcore

after success, I might go for more figures maybe get interactive licenses and make a CG movie, game ( money not being an issue)
Now I'm keep facing several problems on all these 4 objective. For convience lets get into first one
1)  when ever, no matter which format (obj /fbx ) I choose when I try to import in Mari (Im not a pro user of Mari). Its going to Merge parts ( Go and place mouse pointer on arms, face any part in Daz S and you will notice that body parts exist), jumble up UVS of ALL PARTS/ELEMENTs over one another and that's it OMH??
Well, after reading tons of comments in net, I'm tired awfully and still didn't saw any answer. Some comment  leads to 3d Coat/Mudbox ,but wait! Daz models have potential for Motion VFX industry so Mari is also being used in VFX. I can't believe that I can't paint Daz models in Mari. Also, it's very weird that there is not a single tutorial or guide on this issue! I think there is some micro settings I'm doing mistake for which I can't import the model. ANY HELP wil be high [email protected] @[email protected] I lost my soul and spent hours to get into this issue so please anyone do help..

This guys over there also is having same problem , but thats  weird no support given to him :(


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