Foliage & Lighting Improvement Thread - seeking critique

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tinyworlds polygon
Why this thread
I want to bring my environment art skills to an industry level & learn things we didn't get thought in school.
Also I'm currently in between Bachelor and Master & living with my family. This is a great opportunity to really push me & create new work.
By sharing my progress here, I'm hoping to get some criticism to improve my work :)

Skills I want to improve

  • Learn Unity HDRP or Unreal
  • foliage creation
  • lighting
  • modular workflow (kits, trimsheets)
The Plan
  • work on projects that support those goals
  • first: short 1-2 weeks projects to build discipline & momentum
  • later a big project to really push my skills

For the start, I re-lit this environment from a couple months ago. A cozy cabin of a witch and her cat.

Criticism is much appreciated! :)


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