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Pretty Modeling Colors -- Free Script for Maya

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jbuck polycounter lvl 9
I've been actively coding again, writing tools for my students and fellow professionals and have several new FREE scripts for Maya that I think people will find useful, if not fun. I will post separately for each script, apologies in advance if this looks like spam, it's not. Tools aren't any good if they aren't being used and iterated on, and I'm looking for feedback on usability, bugs, and features.

Tired of lambert1? Me too! Pretty Modeling Colors for Maya (PMC) is a simple script designed to help Maya users easily and unobtrusively implement the beautiful and default poly-modeling colors present in other applications like 3ds Max. PMC uses a JSON file-based pallete system that allows the user to add and customize colors and palettes.


  • Alex Javor
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    Alex Javor high dynamic range
    It's not just visually pleasing, I think this could make keeping track of subparts of a complicated whole much faster and probably help the beginner make sense of commands like combine and separate more intuitively.

    THanks for sharing, I can't wait to check it out.
  • jbuck
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    jbuck polycounter lvl 9
    Yes, I think it could, thanks! Also mesh/material ID's in a Substance workflow. One of the reasons I made it user-palette based is a team could use the same JSON file and color code sub-parts.
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