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Hello Everyone,

I am a 3D Artist/Modeller having 4+ years of experience. I use Autodesk Maya as my artwork software, and am well versed with things like Inverse Kinematics, Forward Kinematics, Control Curves, Skinning etc.

My skillset includes the following:

  • Creating a Sketch or Concept Art as per your requirements be it either a character/object/scene/environment.

  • 3D Modelling of the Concept Art.

  • Rigging of a 3D Model (Facial Rig,Body Rig,Lip Syncing).

  • Skinning of the model.

  • Getting the character animated.

I can work on a particular range of poly count either low poly or high poly. I have experience of both the realistic and the toon characters.

Ready to import model will be provided. You can use it in any game, application, video, or animation.

My Rates are quite affordable with no compromise on quality of work. 

Kindly contact me if you like my portfolio.


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