Weird issue with Substance painter 2018.3.3

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Hi there, 

I've been scratching my head for hours trying to figure out what's wrong with my model. I have imported my model from 3ds max into substance but half of it is sort of mirrored / the normals have been flipped. There is no reason as far as I can tell for this in Max, I've even tried flipping the normals of the culprit objects themselves and that doesn't solve it. Anyone got any ideas? 


  • Nominous
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    Nominous polycounter lvl 6
    Try using Reset Xform on the affected objects (might as well do it to everything) before exporting to Painter.
  • b33vor
    This was even after resetting the xform, and trying to reset the xform on a box that I created at 0,0,0 and attached the object to. I found out that the issue here was that I had used the mirror tool in 3DS max rather than the mirror MODIFIER, which creates new objects with negative transforms and therefore flips the normals. All I had to do is use the mirror modifier instead of the tool. Thanks for your reply though :)
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