The Cave- 3D project in Unity (W.I.P)

Hey guys, I'm working now on my first project in unity and I want to share with you my progress.
hope to hear from you some Tips that can make it look better.
(Concept by dmitriy barbashin in the end of the page).


  • Marshal Banana
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    Pretty good progress so far!

    Only a couple of things stick out to me:

    -The highlights should be more of a teal cast rather than white (That's just the color of the flames' lights on the statues, I think?) Be sure to put in a specular map that's brighter on the corners and edges, and less shiny on the surface faces

    -The floor before the stairs is different- it's not a protrusion or altar thingy, but just a design. It looks like it follows the shape of the pit along the sides, like a second layer of trim.

    From what you have already, that's literally all I can say- good work!
  • Michaelly
    Ok (:  Thanks a lot for the Reply!

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