+1 to transferring elements across scenes + small bug report + expanding heat map settings

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shotgun polycounter lvl 14
Hi hello!

I'd just like to say how awesome this program is: both the technical capabilities and the clear UI, a rare combination.
I saw a couple of peeps calling for transferring elements across scenes / merging them so I'll +1 one. Even simple copy-paste of elements (like lights or cameras) would be great.

As for the bug - not 100% it's a bug but - I noticed sometimes I would have a new material's albedo's sRGB become uncheck after applying a texture. Took me forever to find this out cuz I haven't tinkered with that box. Could this be due to some material setting from the model? a keyboard shortcut pressed by mistake? dunno...

About the heat map, high intensity  looks very cool: it acts both as an emissive glow and adds a cool color effect - except the latter is exclusively warm. Maybe another slider next to temperature that modifies the hue? so it's not necessarily red-orange-yellow-white? would be major dope.

Tnx for the work guys, keep it growing!


  • EarthQuake
    Hey fella

    1. Scene merging, yeah we will likely add this in an update at some point.

    2. The sRGB flag is determined by which slot you load the texture into. So, if you load your diffuse map into the normal or roughness slot by accident, it can get incorrectly flagged as sRGB off (linear space). That's probably what happened.

    3. Try turning the intensity down, it hits blue at the high end of the kelvin scale, but if the intensity is high it can wash out to white. If you're looking for a specific color you can use the standard Emissive model too of course.
  • shotgun
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    shotgun polycounter lvl 14
    Hey EQ!
    Long time... =) how u been?
    Sorry for the late reply, yours got lost in a sea of notifications.

    1. Awesome! good to hear =)

    2. Aha, that explains it. Textures can get flagged according to their initial load and then get assigned an sRGB value. For sure I mis-loaded, I had to redo it so many times XD

    3. OK, I need to learn the capabilities of the Emissive model better. My attempts yielded... moderate results, as far as fine-tuning the colors. It felt like I was fighting the application mode of the colored texture (as some form of multiple dodge overlay).
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