Character design palettes versus environmental lighting & locational palettes

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I hope this is the right place to put this post - if it needs to be relocated, please do so.

So, I've been making 3D models and using game engines for a while now, but I'm not professionally trained. Something I struggle with occasionally is creating a nice character design with a distinctive palette, then finding that it clashes with environmental lighting or is completely subsumed by it (eg. green character in reddish hell can look muddy, reddish character in reddish hell can disappear slightly).

I've solved similar issues in the past through, it seems like, luck or persistence - emphasising values, finding some neutral lighting in places, etc.

Just wondering if other folks have run into these issues or if anybody has any solutions or methodologies that I should look into.

I recognise that this is sort of an idiot-level question, but I'm hoping that risking the embarrassment and asking for advice will help me grow a bit, here. =/

Thanks in advance...!


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