Haywire Level Design Showcase (College FMP Presentation)

For my college FMP, I worked in a group. In this group I focused on the Level and UI design.

Haywire is a Doom-Inspired First Person Shooter set in a Space Station that has broken down and been taken over by the robot assistants made to protect the facility.

This room is what happens just before the player enters the Boss room. The entrance to the boss room is shown by the spotlight on the vent that is on the floor. 

I wanted the secret areas to be obvious to the player, but not that obvious. The vents in the walls are destructible and lead to the secret areas.

This is what awaits the player in the secret room. I wanted the player to fight to get the best weapons in the games, as I didn't want the more powerful weapons to be accessible from the start.

These rooms showcase the base office areas of the map. I made the tables, chairs and other assets to give the player some form of cover so they aren't in danger of being shredded to pieces by the enemies.

I have also made a play through video of the first level that can be found here: 
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