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Seeking Art Director

Keybound Studios is a New York-based AA / iii studio looking to grow their team both locally and remote. We are looking for an experienced and driven Art Director to join our team.  This role is for someone with strong communication skills, strong artistic vision and ability to work with remote team members. The Art Director will hold the artistic vision for the project and set the bar of excellence for the studio.

We are currently working on a sci-fi strategy game that invited players to command their own spaceship as they chart their destiny through a living cosmos. Players can explore, trade, commit piracy, or battle for supremacy in a procedurally generated universe. Their adventures take place on a living, breathing starship environment where they will build a crew, modify their ship, and engage in dramatic starship confrontations.   

Send all portfolios and a bit about your background to - jobs.keyboundstudios@gmail.com

* please note this will be a fully paid position as soon as funding is secured *

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