Stylized cowboy sculpt - WIP

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sarasumm triangle
I've been working on a sculpt using an old concept piece I painted. I changed around some proportions to make the character work better in 3D. This is still a work in progress, and there's a few things I'm playing around with (Mostly the hair right now). I'd appreciate any advice on improving this sculpt!



  • MrD4rth
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    MrD4rth polycounter lvl 5
    the model is coming along well. there's good movement in the scene. maybe take some time to dirty it up and put a little wear on things. ends of the coat, shoes, weapon.  and the hair and mustache could use some pronunciation. hats lookin a lil round, maybe yeehaw it up a bit.
  • sarasumm
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    sarasumm triangle
    Thanks for the feedback! I made Those changes to the hat and jacket, added some more hair, and improved the final composite render. I'm a lot happier with where the model is now. Time for the next project!

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