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"Who am I?"

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wirrexx polycounter
So i thought i'd play a little game with you called "Who am i?" where i will start by telling you what the character i've choosen has done and maybe what the person will do and your job is to find out who this pixilated face belongs to. 

Could be a game character, could be a developer? An artist? Actor? Anybody! And whoever gets it right, starts the next game. 

Be aware! I am very drunk doing this. But i just have so much appreciation for the forum and so much love that i just .. had to do this. Shout out to the future me, Love you! 

"I was born in Colorado springs and I used to make games for APPLE II in the early 80s. I have also Mexican, Yaqui and Cherokee heritage.My first game was Scout Search..I am currently working with something new but nobody really knows what. Now Who am i?"


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