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Hello, it's been a long time since I've posted anything on these forums,years in fact. So the ugly truth is last few years I've been working,too involved with my life and I have frankly not done much 3d to improve my abilities.  So all excuses aside, the reason I am here is to get  feedback about where to go and how to best focus my efforts so I can keep working in this industry into my 40s. I want to work work in a more challenging job and work in AAA again, so I'd like any and all feedback.

So I've been working on 2 new portfolio pieces.
First is a Civil War character I created, rigged and perhaps will animate and I also am currently working on an old vehicle which I am using to learn Substance Painter.

So here is my website where you can see the 2 new works I've created and the sort work I did for the last 4 years on an online game I worked on.


So all feedback you can offer would be helpful and hopefully I can use it to help find a path to upgrade my abilities. 
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