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Hi all,

I am looking to get some feedback on my arch viz scene.  I think its still lacking something. Do not know if its the lighting or lack of shadowing, or maybe the geometry needs to be rebuilt? Its just kind of falling flat for me.

Any suggestions to make it look more dynamic or interesting would be appreciated.



  • TheGabmeister
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    TheGabmeister polycounter lvl 2
    You can improve the lighting and materials on this scene.

    For the lighting, you might want to change the exterior skybox to something more representative of an actual apartment exterior. I'm assuming that this is daytime. You can try placing a stationary directional light to give some nice and well defined hard shadows. Also, take a look at Unreal Lighting Academy's playlist on ArchViz. Daedalus offers very useful information such as pumping lightmap resolution to atmospheric heights, which is unreasonable in games but necessary for ArchViz.

    There are also visible seams on this chair, which I think are caused by poor lightmap UVs.

    For the materials, I think you need to work more how they convey their information. Wood should look like would, fabric should look like fabric, marble should look like marble, leather should look like leather, etc. You can take a screenshot of your objects and place it side-by-side with a reference of a real world object. You might discover that the roughness needs some more variation, or the specular highlights need some adjustment. It's also possible that the issue is not the materials, but the placement of lights and reflection capture probes. Take a look at that as well.
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    alexworx polycounter lvl 2
    Thanks so much for taking the time I appreciate it. All great points. I will work on that.
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