Is it poor or normal performance on GTX 970 ?

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Peksio polycounter lvl 3
Hello. I work in substance painter 2019 on my pc. I am texturing model with 3 texture sets, 4k resolution, I use only some smart materials, I mostly work with folders, fill and paint layers, some custom textures and stencils, substance file is around 3.5 GB and it takes around 15GB of RAM when I work.

Here is my spec:
i7 7700K
GTX 970
(substance is on normal SSD, project is on M.2 SSD)

And performance is more and more awful, when I am switching between texture sets it's like 10 - 15 sec. If I am opening folder, I want to check something and for example change color of lower layer I have to wait for like ~20 - 30 secs.

I wanted to ask if it is normal ? Is it because of my poor GPU ? Or maybe it is caused by my settings of substance ?
Can I somehow boost performance by for example, forcing substance to use ram or ssd space for some kind of temp folder ?
Or there is only one answer for this kind of questions - get better gpu ?



  • Jerc
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    Jerc interpolator
    10s for switching texture set seems normal depending on the complexity and resolution of each texture set. 20s to process a color change seems long, what does your stack look like? Are you changing something way down?
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    poopipe ngon master
    this is on a recent 2018 version but... 
    I've seen some pretty horrendous performance problems if you have clone layers in your stack - even when hidden.  the fix was to put the clone layer in a folder and hide that instead.

  • Peksio
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    Peksio polycounter lvl 3
    I am not sure what "clone layers" are. Do you mean just copied layers ?

    Here you can see example of my layer stack. Is it too much ? Am I very messy with it ?

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