[WIP] [Environment] Cortyard

Hi. My name is Jakub Vaja. I'm a freelance 3D artist mostly doing hard surface modeling, but for a long time, I'm fascinated by environments in video games. So I've decided to improve my skills and learn new stuff. The reason why I'm creating this thread is to receive feedback from a much more experienced artist then I am. So please share your thoughts, critique, and advice.

My goal is to create an environment in the Unreal engine using this image as a reference, but not to recreate it 1 to 1. 
Create and use mainly tileable and trim sheet textures 
Learn Lighting and overall workflow of assembling a scene in Unreal engine
Learn Speed tree
Learn Substance Designer

I was looking for some reference and come across this image 

I really like the mood and I think it is a perfect environment to start with

1. Step was to break it down to some modular pieces 

- in the first image I have just quick blockout geometry snapped on grid. Walls are 4.5 by 5 meters (In Blender 2.8 project set to meters and grid size 0.1 allows me to snap in 3D view the same way as in Unreal) 
- next image is the first iteration of the final assets

2. Assembling in Unreal Engine

For lighting as it is right now I'm using SkyLight, DirectionalLight and AtmosphericFog

I've watched many videos from 51Daedalus and some from Epic youtube channel to understand how the lighting in Unreal works. but I still need to put some work in to it.

That is all for now. I want to polish all blockout geometry and start creating some tileable textures. 


  • conflig
    Today I've worked on a trim sheet

    And one unique prop but I think it is too busy so I will wait with props after I make some tileable textures and improve lighting in the scene


  • Gustavo_Elliott
    This is coming together nicely! I shall keep an eye out for future progress
  • conflig
    Thank you! Right now this project is really exciting because I'm learning a lot of new things. That means I probably do a lot of mistakes, but hopefully will find out and fix them in the end :)
  • mrgesy
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    mrgesy polycounter lvl 5
    Looks good so far! Will be watching this.
  • conflig
    Hi! Some more progress. I have finished the trimsheet and then started to work on a tileable "plaster" material in substance. I am fairly new to designer and create a diffuse color is the hardest and most trickier part for me. So it will be the next step 

    Also I need to create a damaged plaster material to use it in Unreal for vertex paint 

    Same as with the asset I have made I think I have a problem with making materials too busy.. So let me know what do you think :)

  • icegodofhungary
    conflig said:
     I am fairly new to designer and create a diffuse color is the hardest and most trickier part for me.

    A good method that I picked up from either the official Substance youtube channel, or another training vid, was to use the gradient map node and use the gradient picker feature on a real photo of what you want. For example, get some photos of old plaster, and then use a gradient map on a black and white version of your color map (i use a combo of noises and AO and height). Then inside the gradient editor, choose the "pick gradient" button and draw a line across a photo of plaster. It'll pick colors from the line you draw on the photo. That way you're using real world colors from actual plaster. It also helps to do it several times until you get the result you want, and try different photos.

    I also find it's better to not have much variation in your values within a color/albedo/diffuse map. Unless the surface qualities specifically call for it. If you have too many dark areas it ads an almost faux shading that breaks the realism. So I usually manually adjust everything to be of similar values but vary in saturation and hue. Having too much contrast between values also makes tiling more obvious.

  • conflig
    Thank you! I have used that method before on some small test. Will take your notes and hopefully come up with something nice looking 
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