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Hi guys,

I want to share with you my current project called cathedral rocks. I am working with Lisa Graf on it in our free time.
Our goal is to create a mysterious and somehow spooky looking scenery, with the focus on lighting, landscape creation and sotrytelling. The whole bundle :D

Inspired by the painting by Albert Bierstadt we've created the first blockout. Actually it's still rough though, but I think you can see the overall concept.
Starting about gathering a lot of references of the yosemite valley, I started to block out the main shapes in Houdini. At work I got introduced to Houdini and I really like the heightfield tools of it. Before I worked with World Machine, and yes the results are pretty awesome, but it's really hard to artdirect the scene.

When I was happy with the main shapes, I went to Gaea, applied some basic erosion on it and placed some blockout cliffes on it to have even more control over the heightmap. Some more bake here and a bit of color creation in substance designer I've got pretty nice results.

That's the progress so far.
Now I am in Unreal and doing the second blockout stage. It's still super rough by now, but I really start to like it.
What do you think so far?


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