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[PAID] Low Poly Female Fashion/Clothing (AAA Quality)

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We are currently looking for 3D artists to model and texture female outfits for our upcoming 3rd person mobile title.

We are working on a female character model which will be the base shape for all future outfits. Once completed we will send through a base version of our character to use as a mannequin.

The Work will consist of:

  1. Creating over 30+ different low poly clothing meshes

  2. Making multiple texture variations on each mesh

We want artists who are passionate about character art and female fashion, with a good eye for detail and who are able match the visual style we are looking for. Clean topology is a must due to the wide variety of animations we have.  

If you are interested please PM me your portfolio and country of residence.

Due to the large amount of work, we will most likely be splitting the work between multiple artists.

Textures must be provided in PNG RGBA 32 format, 2048 x 2048 resolution. Along with the master file (Photoshop or Substance Painter etc).

A diffuse and normal map need to be included

Ambient occlusion needs to be baked in.

Bonus: Skills with Marvelous Designer will be looked upon favorably.  

We work using milestones. If we are happy with the quality of work, we will then provide you with the next milestone to complete and so forth.

Deadline: We are hoping to start work within the next 2 weeks, however times may vary depending on when the character is ready.

Budget: Simple Outfits(eg T-shirts, Shorts, Skirts) $40-$80*USD

 Intermediate Outfits (eg pants, shirts, jumpers/sweaters) $80-$140*USD

 Complex Outfits(eg coats, jackets, dresses etc) $100-$160*USD

*These prices are not including texture variations. Each texture set will be discussed independently depending on the outfit.  

Examples of styles we are looking for:

WIP character silhouette 

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