WIP Industrial Factory

Hope Everyone is enjoying there weekend!

Here I'm working on a project for class that will be complete in roughly 3 weeks and some screenshots of the work as of this moment.  I haven't had much time to post my earlier progress, but do have a PDF to show the progress of the project with notes of struggles I came across and detailing my process. Though I will probably post that on a later date as I need to edit it, as most of it is written at 4 am or 10 pm.

Anywho, Things that I'm aware of that need fixing or need adding/do too are; Lightmaps issues(bleeding, uneven shading), Textures, finish piecing together my pipes and placement of props, decals, and vertex painting maybe another prop. The project was modeled in Maya, rendering in Unreal Engine, bakes and some textures in Substance, and Photoshop.

Any critiques, comments, or questions are welcomed.


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