Answered: Bridge LiveLink to Maya Vray

I've been trying out some megascan surfaces and plants in Maya and it connects the following to a Vray material:

Albedo - Diffuse Color
Roughness - Reflection Glossiness
Opacity - Opacity Map (for leaves, plants etc.)
Normal - Bump/Normal mapping slot (Normal map in tangent space)

I've been able to set up AO and Displacement but the following textures are not assigned and I'm not sure if or how they should be:

Translucency (available for leaves and such)

I just want to make sure I'm using all the applicable textures in a correct way.


  • jin_quixel
    Hi, Jin from Quixel here.

    Your setup is overall correct but I will suggest you a few things and share more information bellow about LiveLink:
    • If you have roughness, you don't need gloss(iness). It's the same thing, just inverted. V-Ray can use both but some renderers are only using one or the other. You get to choose which one you prefer! If I'm not mistaken, it's using roughness (the V-Ray material) by default.
    • Specular is currently not supported for LiveLink but it is planned for all renderers of all DCC (3D Software like Maya, Max, C4D and so on).
    • Plug the specular map into the Reflection_Color
    • Plug the Translucency into Translucency_Color. This will give a bit of SSS effect to the leave! Must needed for realism. The opacity will just cut the surrounding of the albedo map.

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