Secret Room[Finished]

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fullpinkdog keyframe
Hi Polycount!
I decided to posting progress of my project here, and i open to criticism
This project about practice to create game-ready assets 
The story of this level: so basicly, it's the near future; secret place for illegal stuff like hacking; it's not really clean place; someone living there for a while, getting ready for "work" ; a lot of electric stuff; wires and some garbage; "High tech. Low life" mood
As you could guess my inspiration is Cyberpunk 2077 concept arts, Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Art - Biohacker by Marta "Carabea" Niemczynska (insolently stole the main idea from her  :) ), Balde Runner film, Ghost in the Shell and Josan Gonzalez works
Here is a few references:

Here is block out and composition(sorry for the bad screenshot from maya. Anyway final composition will be in UE4):


I feel like it's not a final shot of block out stage
My goal is to use trim sheets, individual textures and tileable textures for good reason; make good lighting/composition/colors; make really cool mood and story
Thanks for your time


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