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Abertay University (based in Dundee, Scotland) are looking for number of new lecturers to join our growing staff body in the School of Design and Informatics (in the Division of Games and Arts). Among these positions is a Lecturer in Game Art, and we're looking for people from both academic or professional backgrounds (a mix of both is welcome of course!).

The Lecturer in Game Art role includes the dissemination and teaching of all things game art related as the title suggests, but we are keen to find someone who leans more towards high quality 3D assets for games (environment/scene modelling, sculpting and texture making). Skills can include:  industry pipelines from concept to game engine; visual research and development; various asset workflows from beginner to advanced; high quality presentation standards; professional practice and mentorship, etc. 

Depending on your experience and competencies, there are both grade 7 (£33,199 - £39,609) and grade 8 (£50,132 - £58,089) roles available. 

You'll be joining an incredible body of staff from a range of industrial and academic backgrounds who combine to create a dynamic team who support one another and continue to learn from one another. 

If this interests you, the full job posting is here: https://www.s1jobs.com/job/education-teaching/university-college-lecturing-education-teaching/dundee/731866852.html 


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