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[Maya] [ShaderFX] Norrsken realtime PBR

Norrsken PBR is a realtime PBR shader that allows the user to display full PBR in the Maya viewport. The main goal was to make previewing game assets or animations as simple as possible. I wanted the user to just take their exported textures and their favorite HDRI without needing to worry about dependencies or other roadblocks.

How to setup: https://youtu.be/mLUW1APpfOQ

The shader has support for both spec/gloss and metal/rough pipelines. The shader has limited support for texture packing like the Unreal4 packing standard and The Game Assembly's packing standard for the spite game project. 

Spec/Gloss & Texture Packing setup: https://youtu.be/M2OL2duwsQA

For more documentation: https://pontus-canback.artstation.com/pages/norrsken-pbr

Download v1.0: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iHW4jDHW6Eoj5dmzbR244RkKfe1ELCNr/view?usp=sharing


 - Metal/Roughness pipeline
 - Specular/Glossiness pipeline
 - Texture Packing: Unreal Engine 4, The Game Assembly Spite
 - DirectX/OpenGL normal map standard
 - Transparency: clipping and blend with Maya's native alpha sorting
 - Emissive and emissive multiplier
 - HDRI/HDR support with brightness level
 - HDRI error diffusion

Happy Rendering!


  • poopipe
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    poopipe insane polycounter
    I notice you're getting darker metals and darker rough dielectrics than painter - I've seen the same thing in my own painter derived ShaderFX material and can't quite work out what's causing it - do  you have any ideas? 
  • CG_Sadhak
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    CG_Sadhak polycounter lvl 2
    Well that definitely looks exciting.  Thanks for sharing your shader.  Can't wait to try it out next week. 
  • SebKaine
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    SebKaine polycounter lvl 2
    Thanks dude this is really nice to share your voodoo magic !

    I am very impressed by your work man, this is exactly what i was dreaming of.  Nice clean shaderfx PBR , without having to use Stingray Restrictive context. So far the result are very good and the shader has a beautiful logic. If you have a patreon or gumroad i would be glad to donate some bucks. I was hoping that AD finally decide to do something similar since 3 years ... 
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