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Building Pixar's USD for Maya

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This is kind of an embarrassing question but I'll ask anyway because it's been driving me absolutely crazy trying to figure it out out my own. 

So I was able to follow a blog post on how to  build the USDVIEW to load and view USD Files by following this post:

This is a great start but just being able to load in and see USD files isn't exactly productive haha 

The goal is to be able to use this format in a workflow consisting of Maya, Houdini, and katana. I tried following Pixar's instructions of "passing arguments to cmake" from their provided documentation to enable the plugins but I'm just generally confused on the whole process of doing so.

So I suppose my question is "How would I go about enabling these plugins?"

Sorry for not being able to provide a more concise question but being a novice to the Computer Science side of digital art, this is the only way I know of how to ask.

Thank you!


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