Homecoming: Zarmina [UE4] [Finished]

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Hey Polycount! It has been a while!! While I have been hard at work helping to create a video set in the Aliens universe at work, I have also been trying to keep those skills sharp at home. This one took me a little longer than I would have liked- but I am glad it is complete! The idea for this environment stemmed from my love of Sci-Fi movies and games as well as my love for space and astronomy. I have always been extremely intrigued by the idea of "generation ships" - that is ships that are created for the sole purpose of housing humans for multiple generations with the goal of reaching a new far away planet. Some key inspirations here are the movie Oblivion and the game series Mass Effect. Two properties that I absolutely adore. I created a mood board with references and stuck pretty close to that aesthetic; smooth round corners and a sleek overall design and feel.

To read more about this project and for some project breakdown, check out this article by 80 Level:  https://80.lv/articles/environment-production-space-station-lounge-in-ue4/

To check out more renders, check out this project on my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/nQvQKo



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