[WIP] Face Sculpt - Feedback wanted

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I originally posted this in my sketchbook post on here, but I'm assuming I should be posting here if I want to actually ask for feedback.
This is my first face sculpt. I have attempted face sculpts once or twice in the past, but this is the first time I have attempted it after analysing reference photos and have followed an online course that goes over anatomical features of a human head.
I have not gone over the anatomy of the torso yet, so I'm sure the shoulders and clavicle look funky, but any feedback on that is also welcomed.

I have attempted to use the noise filter in Zbrush for the pores, but I'm thinking maybe manually sculpting them with an alpha might be easier to achieve better results?
Or leave the pore details for the texturing? (Because most of what I do is primarily aimed more towards game art anyway)

EDIT: One thing I have noticed in retrospect, since I was aiming for a somewhat older man, I should have added significantly more wrinkles, especially on the forehead. But my primary concern is if my understanding of anatomy is there and how much further I have to go before my understanding of anatomy is solid.

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