(Paid) Artbook | Payment Rates: negotiable | 3D Modeler/Texturing Artist

I'm looking for artists to fill the following positions 

Open: 2 - 3D Character Modeler
Open: 2 - 3D Texture Artist
Open: 4 - 3D Environment Modeler
Open: 3 - Props/Interior Modeler

2D Frame by Frame Animator (High Quality Work) - Clip Studio Paint | Current/Extra Project
2D Skeletal Animator - Live2D or Spine | Future Projects
3D Animator - Maya/Unity | Future projects 
C++ Coding Specialist - Unity/Python | Future projects 
Experienced Writer - Microsoft Word or Google Docs | Future Projects
Experience Using Unity 3D Game Engine | Future Projects

Payment Method: Paypal or Check (Possibly AliPay as well?)
Payment Rates: Negotiable

Want more info on the actual project? Contact me.

Email Address: [email protected] 
Skype ID: jordynnaulty
Discord: Suzu_Shinobu#1989
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