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3D modelling help - Subdivision modelling and smoothing artefacts!

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Zoddo polycounter lvl 2
I am modelling a firearm and practicing my modelling skills when it comes to subdivision modelling and chamfering in 3ds max.
So far I am doing a decent job at it, however I am now stuck at the supressor. As I can't seem to add in the details for the highpoly mesh, because everytime I extrude inwards and subdivide through Turbosmooth or Opensubdiv. It creates a bulge which looks really off on a hardsurface model.
Can anyone help me fix this up, because I have no idea how to fix my meshflow in order to make it not bulge!

Here are some pictures of my issue:
Highpoly - obvious smoothing problems.

When taking a closer look you can see that it bulges outwards.

The lowpoly is superflat.

I thought it would be my engons so I tried to fix that, but the problem persisted. Here I tried some methods cleaning it up.

Here is the meshflow of the highpoly of how it looks now.

I am roughly 75% through with modelling this firearm, and this is now the only issue that's causing me headaches....

Does anyone know how to fix this, or atleast point me in the right direction, THANK YOU!


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