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HI Polycount members, Here i will be posting my progression on a project i am working on in UE4 of a Drone Control and transport ship. The scope for this project is vast, but i guess the main objectives i want to achieve are .1 more experience with UE4 and its controls especially lighting and blueprint scripting. I want to get my hands dirty whist doing this and explore and use techniques that i have read about but currently haven't used. I want to combine the ship with a landscape and buildings, Its going to be a long project so keep coming back for updates. Thanks to Shinku Kim for letting me use his concept.

The ship is designed for medium transportation of valuable assets, it can protect its cargo and deploy stealth counter measures that block and deceive the enemy. Its an advanced cargo runner in all aspects of its design. Currently the ship uses 3 UAV's stored in a room on board the ship and can open hatches to deploy them. The ship is fast and nimble when its counter measures fail and i have plans for special engines.  

Project Check Points / Dream list - Will be checked off as each point is reached
  1. Interior of ship @ 75%
  2. Exterior of ship @ 10%
  3. lighting interior @ 10%
  4. Landscape @ 0%
  5. lighting exterior @ 0%
  6. Extra vehicle in scene (buggy) 0%
  7. Props for interior @ 0%
  8. Buildings @ 0%
  9. Cockpit details and animations @ 0%
  10. Atmospherics @ 0%
And thats about it, will be updating at i go. 


Design Iteration 

Drone Design and Marmoset Render.

WIP of Ship

Interior Cargo Hold Shot in UE4 , Lighting is place holder atm so excuse the imperfections. 

Placeholder Lighting and textures so this is going to change, thanks

Thats it for now, will be updating as i go, so see you again before to long. Thanks


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