[WIP/UE4] Human Development Bio-Lab

I was participating in the monthly environment art challenge here but this month I decided to stray a bit and do a concept very similar to what was picked, it is by the same artist. I have been working on it for a while and just wanted to create a thread showcasing my progress so far. Currently I have most of the large objects and pieces I need for the room blocked out, some of the proportions of the actual room aren't perfect but I am happy with that. I have some tiling materials created and I am currently in the process of creating a trim sheet to texture the walls and floors with... and anything else I can use it on... I have a bit to go before it'll be where I want but I am steadily putting in work daily, I will try to post updates regularly :smiley:

lol But yeah critique is always welcome!!! Please tell me what you think, it's in progress so changes can easily be made!
Thanks! have a good one!


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