Character Artist seeks Enviro artist for diorama collaboration

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Alex Javor hero character
I always want to make a full scene for my characters, and I think it's good to collaborate and work with other artist as a learning experience as well.

My current project could be set in a war-torn field of mud. Pools of blood, arrows stuck in the ground, moody backdrop... Doesn't need to be big, just diorama size to compliment the character presentation. Nothing complex, would be mostly an exercise in material creation and lighting. I'd prefer it to be in UE4.

I'm not bossy about the artistic direction -- but we have to reach an understanding and be willing to work together with a singular vision. Could be a good opportunity for cross-training as well. I'd like to pick some environment artist brain about certain things, and if you are interested in character process I can help there. Working collaboratively may be a good thing to display in your portfolio as well.

My timeline is about a month and a half, but it's not strict. If you aren't super confident you can hit the quality we want, it's totally fine to take extra time for iterations.

PM me if you'd like to work together. To see the project I'm working on check out "Kali --WIP" in 3d forum.
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