PAID Work - Low Poly Modelling + Rigging + Texturing (AAA Quality)

We are currently producing a mobile game and require modelling, rigging and texture work done. It is for our main female character and male counter part.

The work consist of :
1) 2 x Character meshes
2) 2 x Biped rigs
3) More than 30 hair style meshes (weight painted / basic rig for pony tails etc.)
4) More than 30 clothing meshes (skinned / weight painted)
5) More than 30 accessory meshes
6) Texturing for each mesh element (hand painted style) 

We will be splitting up the content up between multiple artists, considering the amount of assets required. Applicants must be passionate about female fashion, with skills to match. If you are interested, PM me your portfolio and country of residence.

Deadline: 31 August 2019
Budget: $500 per character model / $200 per rig / $20 per small mesh / $60 per large mesh / $20 per small texture / $60 per large texture 

Kind Regards

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